Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AGC Review 4 (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space) (26:37)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. Mark talks about Cubicle 7's Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG.

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Direwolf said...

I'd be interested what guidance they give for running other Time Lords or groups of Time Lords to see what they came up with. While the show doesn't leave much wiggle room for other Time Lords if you want to adhere to the cannon/continuity of the show, really all it would take is a little creative plotting and scripting.

Such as if you wanted a group, they all used the pocket watch technique to hide and become human, but being a group they put all their memories and Time Lord natures in one big grandfather clock. The game starts with the clock in the hall striking 13 and all the Time Lords regaining their memories. Or the group is actually the descendants of Romana and have returned to N-space from E-space with a souped up K-9.

But seriously, the show treats cannon as just one more thing to cause to blow up with a sonic screwdriver. They never stand by anything they say, especially absolute statements. So anyone that gets too hung up on cannon should watch the show as there is plenty of precedent for doing so. Like parallel universes that we can never communicate with again when the dimensional barriers return…until a few eps later and something bridges the gap, or the last Dalek…until there are millions more, of course the Doctor is the last…until there is the Master, and the TARDIS runs even though there is no Eye of Harmony for it to draw from, when is the Doctor going to meet River Song now that he has regenerated so why would she have recognized him in his former body?

Anyway it goes on and on. I don’t think anyone should be give any credibility or time if they are going to pull a cannon rant about something in the game.