Friday, March 26, 2010

AGC News March 25th 2010 (29:42)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Trouble at Catalyst Game Labs. Reports from Steve Jackson Games and Crafty Games. SpyCraft Third Edition. A Keg For Dragon. White Wolf's Grand Masquerade. Cubicle 7 recruiting for their demo teams, and releasing a Laundry Files game. Margaret Weis Productions is bringing Leverage to your tabletop. Steve Kenson takes another stab at the supers genre with ICONS. Fantasy Flight announces Deathwatch! DriveThruRPG begins convention support. I Hit It With My Axe (with an impromptu aside on a little controversy). Geek Chic's 2010 Tour. Jess Hartley's Shattered Glass Project.

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Show links
Catalyst Game Labs
Steve Jackson Games Stakeholders Report
Crafty Games (Spycraft, FantasyCraft)
Crafty Games State of the Company
A Keg For Dragon (Reality Blurs) (DriveThruRPG)
The Grand Masquerade
Cubicle 7 (The Laundry)
Department 7 Recruitment (Cubicle 7)
Leverage (Margaret Weis Productions)
Leverage Quickstart (DriveThruRPG)
ICONS (Adamant Entertainment)
Deathwatch (Fantasy Flight Games)
DriveThruRPG (Find Convention Support link at bottom left)
Playing D&D With Pornstars
I Hit It With My Axe (Escapist Magazine)
Geek Chic
+1 Sword (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
Dungeon Crawl (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
Tripod vs the Dragon (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
The Shattered Glass Project (Jess Hartley)


Ben said...

Hi AGC! Thanks for noticing +1 Sword as we crop up again for our second season. We've had a few reviews, including from The Enthusiast:

And also from Australian Comedy Review:

If you'd like an interview, get in touch; maybe we can work something out via Skype etc!

~jess hartley said...

Thanks so much for talking about The Shattered Glass Project, guys! One small correction, though. Shattered Glass Patrons will have the /only/ full exposure to the story for a minimum of one year and one day from the Project's inception. I may release excerpts as the story is being written, etc, but they'll have the only authorized full copies until at least the first day of Spring next year.
Also, while the Personae Patronages did close within 24 hours of the Project being announced, the Virtual and Artisan levels will remain open - but only until June 20th, 2010 (the last day of Spring).
I've got a lot of cool stuff planned for the Project, so I'll be sure to share tidbits with y'all as it comes out!
Thanks again!

Zak Sabbath said...

Just now saw this!

I'm thrilled to hear that Madge is a reader (at least once in a while).

If the AGC crew is in LA and ever wants to play, be my guest.


Zak Sabbath said...

I mean "Mags".

Typos suck.