Monday, July 12, 2010

AGCExtra 37 July 13th 2010 (The E-Book Roundtable) (39:40)

With Mark Kinney, Eric Franklin, Mark from South Dakota, and Ben Balestra. Eric and the Marks talk about their respective devices (in particular, the Kindle 2, Kindle DX, and the iPad). Ben Balestra talks about the technologies involved. Back to the others with a discussion of how gaming PDFs behave on the various devices. Goodreader. A few rendering woes. How do they do at the table? Portability and priorities. Mark K's durability worries. From PDF to actual eBook formats. Where to from here? The future of PDF?

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Amazon Kindle 2
Amazon Kindle DX
Apple iPad
Talking Game (Eric's Blog)

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Scott said...

Really liked Ben's more detailed tech report, but amused that he seemed to pronounce "Kindle" as "Kendle" :-) Great show, though. An E-book reader is definitely in my future.

Michael said...

Great episode. I've got an iPad and have been using it for gaming for awhile now. Looking for references in game can be a bit cumbersome, but as I become more conversant with GoodReader it's getting faster and faster.

In response to your question on your podcast, I loaded The Houses of the Blooded PDF to test it out in GoodReader for the iPad. It loaded the first page within a second or two and each page turned just as fast.

Ben said...

I are a engineer, my english not good. Actually I have Disgraphica, I have a great deal of issue with word sounds. Until I actually hear a word said and associate it with the character sequence in order to say it correctly. It is common for me to get words wrong, and my spelling sucks, hence why I am a podcaster and not a blogger.

Besides Mark has been saying Palladium with a short a in the middle for years and no one saya anything :-) This I noitced becase I am an Engineer, Palladium is actually a metal.

Unknown said...

Hey there,

I love AGC keep up the good work. This show's topic was very interesting. I've been checking out ebook readers for a while now. I tend to lean toward the nook because it allows me to loan out books. Ben mentioned some problems with the nook but didn't go into detail. What were those problems?