Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AGC 136 August 17th 2010 (GenCon Hangover Special) (1:22:31)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Mags, and Steve. Thanks to our listeners for the Silver ENnie (and congrats again to Atomic Array)! Yeah, it's another GenCon retrospective, starting with a True Dungeon proposal. Playing Hellas, and Savage Saturday Night! Meetups, and how to say Tzimisce. A women in gaming panel Carol sat on. A serious situaion. Back from break, and going to tweets of questions and such, a discussion of headgear sparked by Mick Bradley. A look ahead at upcoming interviews. What we brought back, and a little commentary along the way. Stuff we saw. WizKids' upcoming Star Trek games. "That's not canon!" The meet-and-greet. Virtual Tabletops. Other shout outs. A few of our favorite things. The White Wolf booth. We suppose Mark can talk about this book he has coming out... What did we miss? And thanks to Sarah Robinson, without whom none of this would be possible...

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Atomic Array
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Wil Wheaton At Gencon On Why He Is A Geek-Part 1 (YouTube)
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Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Savage Worlds)
RPG Circus
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Blowback (Two Scooters Press)
Maschine Zeit (Machine Age Productions)
Fat Dragon Games (Ultimate GM's Screen II)
Zombie Dice (Steve Jackson Games)
Ape Games (Duck Duck Safari, Duck Duck Go)
DC Adventures (Green Ronin)
Element (MindtwisterUSA)
Asmodee Editions (Dixit, Identik, Claustrophobia)
Hamster Press (Guilty Moneybags)
Tri Tac Games (Fringeworthy)
Play Unsafe (Lulu)
Mecha (Heroic Journey Publishing)
Lacuna Part I (Memento Mori Publishing)
Flying Buffalo (Tunnels and Trolls, Monsters! Monsters!)
Skulduggery (Pelgrane Press)
Triple Ace Games (All For One: Regime Diabloique)
Margaret Weis Productions (Smallville)
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Gaming Paper
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Rogue Games
Fistful of Comics (And Games)
The Podge Cast
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The ExtraOrdinagents! for Godsend Agenda (Khepera Publishing/Cubicle 7 Store)
Paizo Publishing

V and A Shipping (Podiobooks)
V and A Shipping
Amorphous Blobcast


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Hey it's VikShade the Technolich. I listen to you guys at work everyday. Almost caught up to current. Keep it up, you are among the best of the RPG pod casters out there. Game on!