Thursday, August 26, 2010

AGC News August 26th 2010 (22:11)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Watch for lots of stuff coming down the feed! GenCon Indy crests 30,000! 2010 Deutscher Lernspielpreis winners! Atlantis wins Spiel der Spiele 2010! TSR1 Insidious, playing dangerous games with trademark law! Gamers for Humanity membership drive! News on Fantasy Flight's Arkham Horror minis! Yog Radio posts Continuum seminars (with an aside about boxed sets)! Gamer's Haven gives us the Hamlet's Hit Points panel from GenCon! The return of ConGlomeration, in nifty new digs!

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Show links
Creationary (Lego)
Wer War (Ravensburger)
Schollenhupfen (Oberschwäbische Magnetspiele/BoardGameGeek Link)
Donnerwetter (BoardGameGeek)
Atlantis (Mayfair Games)
Well, I Wonder How This Will Go Over - TSR1 Insidious (Underdark Gazette)
Gamers For Humanity Membership Drive
Familiar Faces Are Coming to Arkham (Fantasy Flight Games)
Arkham Horror Minis (Fantasy Flight Games)
Yog Radio
Gamer's Haven Special Edition (Hamlet's Hit Points)

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