Friday, August 13, 2010

AGC Feedback August 14th 2010 (18:48)

Recorded August 10th, 2010, with Mark, carol, Mags, and Steve. A concern over differentiating commentators' opinions with the show opinion (in regards to Random Thoughts On Gaming and the Outlaw Press situation), and comments on the segment. Discussion of intellectual property issues. Aluminium! A miniatures podcast recommendation! Obsidian Portal. Parsec! The ENnies derail us toward the end.

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Creative Commons
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Meeples and Miniatures Podcast
Obsidian Portal
Parsec (Jolly Roger Games (RPGNow)
Escape (Doug's Blog)

The Tome

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Douglas Underhill said...

Thanks for the link love and the mention! As I said in the email, I've been listening for a while now, since you were in your 30's and I was saying to myself "What ho! Gaming podcasts? What are those?" Still listening, still enjoying your casts very much. You guys are awesome.