Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AGC News August 12th 2010 (26:40)

With Mark, Carol, Mags, and Steve. Board Game Geek wins the Diana Jones Award! ENnie results, and the side bet with the Gamer's Haven! Maria wins Portuguese Game of the Year! Bits and Mortar -- PDF support for brick and mortar stores! The 2010 Mind Sports Olympiad. Super Genius taking over Dungeon-a-Day! More Red Dragon Inn. Heavy Gear back to Dream Pod 9! Blood Bowl: Team Manager, and Lord of the Rings! Zombie Dice on the iPhone (and why the delay for Android). Dicebook -- an iPad PDF reader with a dice roller! What we did and didn't observe or otherwise find out at GenCon! Mags speculates on the abortive Mongoose announcement. Money raised for the Gygax Memorial Fund and the Pajama Program!

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Show links
Board Game Geek
Diana Jones Awards
ENnie Awards
2010 ENnie Winners
Atomic Array
Maria (Histogame)
Mind Sports Olympiad
Super Genius Games
Red Dragon Inn (Slugfest Games)
Dream Pod 9 (Heavy Gear)
Blood Bowl: Team Manager (Fantasy Flight Games)
Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (Fantasy Flight Games)
Zombie Dice for iPhone (Steve Jackson Games)
Daily Illuminator: Apps For Android (Steve Jackson Games)
DiceBook (iPad App)
Bruce Baugh's Livejournal DiceBook Review
DiceBook thread (
Paizo Publishing
DC Adventures (Green Ronin)
Fiasco (Bully Pulpit Games)
The Grand Masquerade
Gen Con Indy Facebook Page
Gary Gygax Memorial Fund
Pajama Program
True Dungeon

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Unknown said...

The Gold winner for Best Electronic book The Great City Player's Guide by 0one games was also Pathfinder (using the pathfinder compatiblity licence) and was the only company to defeat Paizo.

This should be no suprise as it was written by the Werecabbages who are primarily paizo freelancers and were lead on this project by Tim Hitchcock.

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing